Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Meeting...good times!

Yesterday was the first meeting for the 2010-11 year of Holly Berries.  We had a wonderful time...all five of us. Missed Wanda, Susan, Ginny, Jeanne.  But we did come up with a basic calendar for the first few months.  AND we agreed that the FIRST Wednesday of every month will be our Wee Care time.  Not always workshops, but just a day with some time to sit and work on wee care.  Sit n Stitch time!! 

Sew...soooo....Our first Wee Care sit n stitch will be:  October 6th at the shoppe. Bring any wee care you are working on, or come prepared to put some together!! And please don't forget that WeeCare is not just gowns...bonnets, hats, blankets and more.

See you real soon!!