Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hollyberries Meeting April 20, 2011

We met at Fran's - items discussed were:

Karin asked for a change of officers citing the need to step away to take care of personal business.  She requested that we have nominees by our next meeting.  We also discussed the search for a new public meeting place - several suggestions -  RWJ in Hamilton, the libraries in Hamilton, Robbinsville, Lawrenceville.  The next two will be at Fran's.  Jackie will check with Mt. Zion Methodist Church to see if they have space we can use. 

We discussed the Wee Care program and the types of garments/items we would like to make.  Fran (Wee Care Chair) distributed little ready to smock gowns and tiny sacques to complete - Karin brought back some very sweet fleece Wee Care items from the Conestoga Stitchers group - demonstrated the construction and added them to our Wee Care collection - we need to procure some fine, light colored fleece.  Check your stash or pick some up on sale if you can.  Susie will make up a Children's Corner "Bunny's Knit Nightie" for preview and possible addition to the collection.

We discussed the possibility of having a teacher in 2012 - or a small event - and how to run it.  IE - collaborate with the other local chapters - run a 3 day event?  This topic will probably be ongoing.

We had a lengthy discussion regarding new members - how to market ourselves and venues for that purpose.  This conversation brought up the subject of crafts fairs, quilt shows - etc.  Whether we want to have a display or have a table and sell some handmade items - as a source of revenue for the Hollyberries and a way to introduce ourselves to folks interested in fine hand/machine work.  Susie volunteered to head up this project - Publicity and Fundraising - Jackie volunteered to investigate the possibility of a table or booth at her husband's Methodist Church.  Fran volunteered to investigate St. Greg's for craft/table space.  Susie will look for other public venues - like the Cranberry Festival, Medford Craft Fair, local Wineries, etc. where we can gain exposure.  Potential items to sell include doll clothes (AG) small baby gift items - things that we could price reasonably and hopefully sell.  We discussed the option of donating all of our sales to the group OR splitting 50/50 with the maker of the item sold. 

Our project yesterday was a very cute ladybug pincushion - designed and kitted out by Wanda - surprisingly - no one left with it as a UFO :~)  Here's a picture of mine - 

Fran made the most delicious banana cake and has offered to share the recipe - we can't wait!!!

Our next meeting will be May 18th - At Fran's house.

Wonderfully submitted by Susan !! Thank you so much for all your help.
We should have bunched all our 'bugs' together in a photo...:-)

I like this will be great for communication!  Keep Stitching Karin
Check out the photo page now published!!!

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