Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A trip to NYC Fashion Fabric district

Some Holly Berries went to New York City on the Train!!
We walked uptown to 37th Street and found Mood!!

This is us going in!!
After 45 minutes...we moved on..There is much too much to look at in Mood...we will go back when we think we have some 'wants'.
We saw Grey Line Linens on West 39th St.  I think everyone bought some linen $9/yd..who wouldn't. 

Two doors up is Weaver's Silk Fabrics [and more]
Wanda had her day in Weaver's. 
Sunny the owner was very helpful and Happy to see us! 

We did cross 39th to two more shops..
Wanda found a pinterest person there!!

I did not get his name. He loved Wanda's button embellished Jacket!! 
So do I.
THEN it was time for LUNCH
 We went back to 37th St. to 
STITCH cafe bar. 
See the sewing machine over the door behind us!!
Great food, it was good to rest our feet from walking the cement of NYC. 

Then we walked up to 40th and 7th Avenue to the two 
Fashion District icons. 

From here we walked back down 7th to the Train Station. 
A perfect day for sewistas in NYC!!

Now let's see what we do with our treasures!!

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