Friday, November 20, 2015

Why I stalk the mail man

Yes it is true, I spend way WAY too much time on the computer!!
Often resulting in my own frustration at the lack of stitching, cooking, baking, cleaning not done.  But then there are days when I find fun stuff!! LIKE:

The next issue of saga news is in the mail...this is the cover:

I see/spy some great ideas, along with I know exactly who two of the designers will be!! lol  I will keep my opinions quiet until I see the credits. 

THEN there is this publication in the mail:
Classic Sewing still by heart and soul.
According to Facebook, there are some in the 'southern' states who have received their copies already. Since it is mailed from guess is the 'yankee' truck gets left to last.  [just kidding] I can hardly contain myself for wanting these magazines to arrive!!

The cover dress is a Gail Doane design. She will be here in NJ in May!!

 And then there is this to look forward to in September 2016...SAGA's national Convention in Hampton Virginia.  I do like this Logo...
Now I just realized I have this all written for the Holly Berries blog.  Well it will also appear on my Sewing snips it is all about the stitching....

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